Being a Master Colour Expert

Blog by Katie
I’m Katie the manager of the Wallasey salon and I am the original star! I have been hairdressing for six years, I absolutely love my job and my team at star salon. I got inspired by my sister/boss who has helped me get where I am today pushing me to my limits, I have recently completed a course in Wella studios Manchester called Master Colour Programme the highest colour achievement in colour. There are four stages on this course it includes up to date information on trends solving solutions for colour corrections lots of theory and workshops. the science of the hair which I loved learning about and the chemistry of colour.

At stage four there is an extreme colour correction practical examination which was so emotional but I did it with a pass mark of 95% this has changed the way I work and how I look at colour and my clients hair in a different light and has made my love of hairdressing even stronger.
This course has took me on a journey of intense learning and develop. On a personal level and increased my colouring to the highest level possible. I’m so passionate about colour but especially now as I have the knowledge to tackle any colour correction.

Bring on the colour corrections!!