Bekki's Year

Blog by Bekki
Hey starlets I’m Bekki (shiny star) at Star. I can’t believe I have been a part of Star for nearly 6 years now. I have watched star grow from strength to strength, from the beginning when there was just me Kelly and Katie and now it amazes me I work with an amazing talented team we’re like a big family that’s what makes star have that sparkle. What a 6 years it has been! I have gone from being that shy girl who was terrified of speaking to clients, to now not being afraid to be me. Being apart of star has made me believe in myself an take me on an amazing journey.

If you read my blog last time you will all know about my trend vision journey last year. What another amazing hectic year it has been. All started back in January searching for the perfect model. I worked with professional models this year which was amazing and made my job so much easier. Going to the insight night back in February I felt really anxious because I did well last year I felt like I would of let myself down if I never this year. Straight away I knew what trend I was going to do when I was in the insight night. If you truly believe in a trend or any project you do everything is so much easier.

My trend was all decided which was autumn winter trend called bronze luxe, sophisticated beauty all about luxurious materials. A lot of research is involved to make sure I had a strong inspiration and to make sure I really got that across in my picture and hair. I was inspired by fur and the different textures it’s actually fascinating how different colours you can see in fur. I got to work with the beautiful Nia for my photograph entry. Was so hard picking the right picture but I got the right one in the end. All sent off hoping for the best.

Again I made it to the regionals I screamed in the salon when I found out I couldn’t believe I did it again. I ended up working with a different model for regional s the beautiful Martha Thorpe who was so amazing to work with. Martha came down for prep day which was great but you always panic and over think things when prepping so it didn’t all go to plan but in the end I was happy and it was all done ready for the next day. Going down to Manchester I felt so sick I just didn’t want to feel like I had failed after getting through last year. What an amazing day it was, I got through to the finals again was such an amazing feeling. All my team there to support me think they blew the roof off with there screams.

Off to London I went in October for the final another amazing experience. I had an amazing time and I’m so proud of myself how hard and dedicated I was this year eve more than last year and I wouldn’t of changed anything about my look. I didn’t win the finals but again I have learnt so much and I can only grow from here defiantly on the right path I want to be on. All my team came down to London which was amazing as it’s an expensive weekend I can’t thank them enough for all there support and my amazing mentor Kelly. Now I feel it’s time to do something different from trendvision and see what’s out there looking forward to entering new things.

Also this year I entered to be apart of wells generation now team which is an arts team with wella. I entered a picture which i wasnt even that sure on along with a video presentation. I was so happy that I got through to the audition round. I used Martha again which was amazing. I had an amazing day and gave it my all I didn’t make the team but being a part of an art team is defiantly my ultimate goal for the future. My passions grows for my job each an every day I will keep going till I get to my dreams. My motto is your only as good as you want to be!

I’m so excited to go on new adventures keep your eyes peeled to see what I’m up to next. Bekki (shiny star) xxx