Jodie a Rising Star at Star Salon

Blog by Jodie
Hi starlets I’m Jodie a Rising Star at Star Salon. I’ve been at star now since May. I’m absolutely loving my time here. I feel like I’m really progressing here and I love the team. Everyone is so friendly and so talented. I feel so grateful to know I’m learning from a great bunch of talented hairdressers and I’m excited for what my future holds.

In August I recently entered a competition with hairdressers journal in the rising star category. I ended up entering it last minute as I was really nervous and thought I wouldn’t have a chance of getting to the final. So I entered my picture the night before the closing date. I just then put it to the back of my thoughts thinking I wouldn’t get anywhere.

A week later my mentor Kelly messaged me to say I had got through I screamed with excitement I just couldn’t believe it! Then the nerves kicked in as it was only a few days until the competition was taking place. With it being one of the biggest hairdressing competitions I was so nervous and excited at the same time.

Competition day was getting closer I felt sick with nervous but with excitement as well. I had to change my model for the competition day so I had to change the style slightly so before the competition there was a lot of prep involved. When I started prepping and practicing the style I started to feel really excited. My look I had created was an editorial hair up with a classic twist inspired by Gwen Stefani who I love. When prepping I was really happy how my inspiration was coming together and I couldn’t wait to get there and get creative.

Competition day had arrived! I had to be up and ready at for 5am I was so excited and rearing to go. My mentor Kelly was driving us to London with my model and Taylor from the Wallasey salon who was also in the competition and her model. We arrived at the excel centre were the competition was taking place I couldn’t believe how big it was. All ready at my station I had 45 minutes to create my look. The competition had started! Butterfly’s in my stomach, but I was loving it. I loved it when the judges came around and asked me questions. The 45 minutes went so quick I stood back and was so happy with my finished look and most importantly I done my best.

After the competition we walked around and people were coming up to me taking pictures I was amazed that I’d inspired people it just didn’t feel real. I didn’t win the competition but just taking part was an amazing experience and it’s made me so much more enthusiastic to enter competitions again and I can’t wait for the next one! Couldn’t thank my lovely mentor enough Kelly and my gorgeous model. I definitely want to enter more competitions again! The adrenaline rushes are most definitely something I love the feeling of!

I can’t wait for my next adventure! Will be back soon on another adventure (rising star) Jodie xxx