Wella Master Colour Program Graduate

Blog by Chris
Hi guys im Chris Star Salons Super Star/ Manager of the Wallasey salon. This year has been a massive turning point in my career and a hugely self proud moment. I graduated from something that as a big fan of colour I have always wanted to do… the Wella Master Colour program. And boy… it didnt disappoint. The Wella staff where just amazing Dan, Mark, Jen and most of all Claire and Tanya who took most of the course.

The course consisted of 4 stages and has be passed by some of our industries most talented colourists. People who as a hairdresser have inspired me and I have looked up to. The course consisted of many different aspects, some of which where more difficult and mind challenging than I thought. We had some great guest artist including possibly two of my favourite people Luke Benson and Abbie Smith who where both from D&J Ambrose. On this day we learnt so much about free hand colouring and and being a bit more freehand with hand painting techniques I think this was my favourite part of the course.

As the course progressed I became much more understanding of things, not sure why as I have always been confident but something just clicked felt like my whole colouring world as I knew it had been put through a washing machine and out came this ball of knowledge.

So the 4th stage came the dreaded head block challenge…. argh I had been worrying about this stage since starting I had to pass… this was not an option. The challenge consisted of getting a dolls head which is split into quarters with 4 different tones (black green orange and blonde) to a natural shade of 6/0 which sounds easy but I guess it wouldn’t be the final exam if it was that easy. I spent two days working on this and was absolutely over the moon to have passed with a great score of 88% but most of all I had great feed back from the course leaders. This will help so much with so many future things I want to do and I would recommend any one who loves hair colour to do this course
Thank you kel for putting me through it… amazing achievement!